How to optimize your luck?

Combine hard work with luck to be successful

We all know the concept of “luck”. It’s so powerful to create unanticipated positive results that has no correlations to your efforts. So, why shouldn’t we try to optimize our luck every day?

There are three types of luck 👇

  1. Blind luck

    Blind luck, AKA Dumb luck, is when you experience an unanticipated positive outcome on a completely random basis. Winning a lottery would be a good example for this.

  2. Luck obtained by stirring the pot

    This is the type of luck you need to nurture by looking at your existing surroundings. How you ignite this depends on your specific surroundings and your ability to see through chaos. This is the type of luck I have first-hand experience with.

    I started off my career in my early twenties as a Tax accountant working in the public accounting industry. In my mid-twenties I saw the potential in cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology. I wanted to use my existing accounting/tax knowledge to capitalize on this opportunity. Starting 2018, I stopped being a traditional CPA and focussed primarily on crypto and technology related engagements. Fast-forward to 2020, I am writing for Forbes about crypto taxes, serving as the Head of Tax Strategy at CoinTracker and have won 3 awards for my work in the tax space. The point being, I stirred the pot and created luck out of my existing surroundings.

  3. Luck by being prepared

    Being prepared despite seeing no immediate rewards will make you lucky as well. The difference between this and #2 above is that #3 luck isn’t coming from your existing surroundings; it’s coming from a completely different environment which you don’t have knowledge of today.

    For example, Zoom saw an unprecedented amount of growth when people started working from home due to COVID-19. By being prepared for this moment way before the pandemic helped them maximize their luck and success. Zoom literally became a household name within a matter of months while surpassing other products offered by tech giants like google and Microsoft.

What’s the point of knowing these?

Always know that luck plays a huge role in your success. Unfortunately, we don’t make any intentional attempt to surface it. Knowing these will help you surface it and accelerate your chances of being successful. Lastly, don’t forget the importance of hard work. #2 & #3 luck only work in conjunction with hard work. #1 is an exception.

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